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Moving Full-Time to Sanction Law

While CESAR was a fun and interesting experiment while it lasted, we have decided to cease publishing on this site and instead devote our efforts to Sanction Law. For those interested in cutting edge sanctions news and analysis, please visit us there....
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Nuclear deal signed, Iranians await economic rewards

Roshanak TaghaviChristian Science Monitor

When Iran’s foreign minister returned to Tehran this week on the heels of a widely hailed nuclear agreement co-signed by its long-time nemesis, a deep sense of relief permeated the Iranian business community. Although the six-month accord, which limits Iran’s uranium enrichment in exchange for minor sanctions relief, isn’t expected to...
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Iran: The Sanctions Collapse Myth

Today’s debate over an interim nuclear deal with Iran is rightly focused on the size and scope of sanctions relief Tehran will receive in exchange for temporarily halting its nuclear activities. One widely circulated argument against such a deal is that the attraction of Iran’s market, rendered largely off-limits due to sanctions, is such that...
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OFAC’s Summer of Surprises

The Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) is primarily known for its role as the agency charged with enforcing Iran sanctions. This summer, however, the agency came out with a series of actions aimed at mitigating the effect of sanctions on the Iranian people. Most recently, OFAC has issued two new general licenses...
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Google Offers Iranians ‘Play Store’ Access

Samuel Rubenfeld - Wall Street Journal

Google Inc. became what experts believe is the first company to extend technology services to Iranians under an authorization issued by the U.S. Treasury Department in May. In a brief Google+ post on Monday, the company said to developers they can make their Android phone apps available in Iran, and...
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Do As We Say, Not As We Do

Does the U.S. expect Iran to capitulate to sanctions in a way it would not?

As the international community awaits the next round of P5+1 negotiations with Iran over its disputed nuclear program, the utility of U.S. sanctions and the parameters of a potential diplomatic agreement are the subject of intense debate. Past U.S. experience as...
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David Cohen’s Subtle, But Much Needed, Cry For Help

During Tuesday’s Senate Banking Committee hearing on Iran sanctions, New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez asked TFI Undersecretary David Cohen a question which has been on our minds for a while now. “We keep adding sanctions regimes, which we need to… Do you have the wherewithal, the resources, to continue to pursue the sanctions regime we want,...
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Talking North Korea Sanctions with PIIE’s Stephan Haggard

While North Korea has seemingly gone quiet again following several months during which tensions on the peninsula rose to dangerous levels, the Hermit Kingdom remains one of the United States' most intractable foreign policy challenges. We posed some questions to Peterson Institute for International Economics fellow Stephan Haggard in order to explore the role sanctions play...
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